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Gearing up for our next big vacation

Well, this week we finally have the frequent flier miles we need for our next big trip. Our next trip is targeted for July/August 2017. I won’t state where we are hoping to go yet. I don’t want to jinx it. And the trip depends on us being able to get four tickets using frequent flier miles….

So, now I have started my flight research. This flight research is different than what I did with our other trips. With those trips I was trying to purchase relatively cheap air fare to Europe. With this trip I am trying to get frequent flier tickets to a place that doesn’t often have a lot of tickets. My research is consisting of checking award availability right when seats are released. There are three possible locations we can fly into and I have my preferences….but it really will come down to if we can get seats on the plane.

The big day to begin purchasing tickets will be Aug. 18…or around then. That is in 82 days. Once tickets are purchased then the itinary can be planned out. In the mean time I can start drafting itineraries and looking for places to stay.

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