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Summer itinerary planned

In the last week or so my husband and I have come to agreement with our travel plans this summer.  The original plan was to fly into London, spend a few days there and then head to Edinburgh via train and then tour Scotland with a car.  The new plan is to fly into Edinburgh, then tour Scotland, and then fly to London.  Originally we were going to do a weekend to weekend trip but now with our new plans a mid-week to mid-week trip worked out better.

  • Arrive Edinburgh, three nights
  • Isle of Skye, two nights
  • Inverness, three nights
  • Aberdeen, one night
  • London, three nights

I am pretty excited about the new itinerary…the only thing that disappoints me is that we are flying to London now instead of taking a train.  With the new itinerary we will end up in Aberdeen, Scotland before we depart…and it just makes more sense to fly to London from Aberdeen then take a train.  So we are on the first flight out in the morning getting us to London around 8:30 AM.  I figure we can do some sight seeing then come back for a nap, then head back for more sight seeing.

Another thing that excites me is we start our trip with a large city and end with a large city.  I’ve been to London before, but by myself.  So it will be fun to see London with my husband.  Also – starting and ending in a city makes things a little more convenient.  We don’t land and then need to drive to a destination.  We can wonder aimlessly around the city until our room is ready….we don’t need to check into an airport hotel the day before we depart to catch our flight.

Now that the trip dates are planned I am on to phase II of the trip – figuring out incidentals and buying in advance when possible.  More on that in a future post.

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