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Plans starting to come together

To celebrate ten years of marriage my husband and I are planning a trip to Scotland this summer.  We were debating whether or not to bring the kids with us – but now we are leaving them behind.  They are going to spend a week with one set of grandparents and another week with their aunt/uncle/cousins.  Fortunately both families only live two hours from each other so it should not be too hard to exchange the kids.

Now that that’s settled, we finally have our dates decided as well, and the first half of the trip is planned.  We are planning on flying into London, spending a few days in London and then taking an evening train up to Edinburgh.  We’ll spend a few nights there as well and after that head into the countryside.  I think we’ll stay in Inverness for a couple of nights and the Isle of Skye for a couple of nights but I am still looking for one other city to stay.  A friend of mine spent time in London and Edinburgh a year or two ago and I’m using her recommendations for hotels.  So that certainly saved me a lot of time finding those 🙂

Soon tickets go on sale for the Edinburgh Tatoo.  They go on sale at 10AM on December 2nd….but that’s Edinburgh time.  So yes, I am planning to wake up at 5 AM on December 2nd to buy those tickets.  Maybe I’ll even exercise after that, but most likely I’ll head back to bed 🙂

I have yet to purchase airfare for our trip.  First, I was struggling with where the kids would be and if I should have us flying out of wherever they are.  But now that is settled.  The bigger reason I have not bought airfare – prices are way too high right now.  I don’t think it is possible for them to rise any higher, so if I need to I’ll purchase the tickets.  But I’m hoping the airfare will come down in February or April.  Those are supposedly the best months to purchase airfare for summer travel internationally.

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