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Toilets in Europe

Using a public bathroom in Europe is so much nicer than a public bathroom in the US….though I did notice a lack of seat protectors.

First – I rarely noticed any toilets with automatic flushes. Anyone with young kids knows what a pain the automatic flushes are. They are loud and scary to young kids. You have no control over them so just when you think it is safe for your little one to pee the automatic flush goes off. The flushes were generally fairly large buttons that you could easily press with your shoulder so that you did not have to actually touch with a hand.


Second – the doors generally extend further down or go all of the way to the floor. This makes it feel like you have much more privacy. It is almost like your own private restroom.

Third – every toilet I encountered in Europe seemed to have a toilet brush next to every toilet. That way if you made a mess, you could clean up after yourself. Even McDonald’s and train station bathrooms had these. In the US if you make a mess it is generally left for the next person to encounter.


I found public restrooms to be so much more enjoyable than ones in the US for these three reasons. The restrooms are one of the things I miss from Europe.

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