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Scotland and London Trip Planning Update

So it has been a little more than a month since my last post.  Since the last post I have:

  1. Made reservations for all of our lodging
  2. Purchased London City Passes
  3. Booked all airline tickets
  4. Booked and paid for rental car

Basically – the trip is all planned.  I need to make some reservations for some places in Edinburgh but I will probably wait a couple more months to do that since online reservations are not available at this time.   Also – I had originally wanted to wait until April for our tickets to Europe but decided to book in January instead.  This is because the flights that worked out best with our itinerary had exit row seats available.   I figured the extra leg room would be nice but if I waited to buy our tickets we would be stuck in a coach seat with less pitch.  So we’ve got exit row seats for both of our long flights.  This will be the first time we will have flown without the kids – if the kids were with us we would not be able to sit in the exit row seats since they are not old enough.

I’d also like to start putting money aside each month for lodging expenses.  One thing I really hate is to go on vacation and come home to large credit card bills.  I like to pay for as much in advance as I can so that when we are on vacation we are just paying for meals and attractions.

Now that I’ve got this trip planned I am ready to start planning the next big one ;).   I have dreams of a two week family vacation to Italy during Spring break one year.  I’d love to see Venice, the Tuscany region, Rome, and Pompeii.

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