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Day 16: Christchurch to Queenstown

This morning we had an 8:30 flight to catch from Christchurch to Dunedin. We had the hotel shuttle bus pick us up at 7 as they were doing major construction near the airport and we had been advised that there could be delays of up to 30 minutes. So we figured delays should still give us an hour to check our luggage and go through security.
We arrived at the bag check and we put our own bags on the belt. Then we proceeded towards security near our gate. Get to our gate and then realize there is actually NO security for certain domestic flights. So, it took us less than five minutes to check our bags and reach our gate. I thought it was hilarious that we kept hearing airport announcements that the Christchurch airport was a safe place…please remember children should not be playing on the escalators.
Our flight was uneventful. They passed out cookies and I asked if they had any gluten free and the flight attendant said no but she did have fudge for Rachel and I. So after she handed out the cookies she came back and gave us some fudge. That was unexpected.
We picked up our rental car and proceeded to drive towards Queenstown. We could have flown to Queenstown but there were some bridges in the east to check out, and this way we did not need to backtrack and we could see if we discovered anything interesting.
We saw a lot of sheep 🙂 Eventually we ended up in the town of Miller's Flat. There we decided to go find Horseshoe Bend and hike to the suspension bridge there. To get there we had to go on a dirt road at parts. At one point there were two rouge sheep. They were very afraid of our car and they eventually scampered up some rocks to get away from us.
We eventually made it to the hike. The sign on the road said it was a fifteen minute walk to the bridge. It would have been a fifteen minute walk to the bridge had there not been sheep poop everywhere. Jonas figured out where the sheep were escaping from. At one point a rogue sheep was right near Rachel and I and feeling very afraid. I was worried I was going to need to protect Rachel but then the sheep went up some rocks to get around us. We continued on the hike and made it to the bridge. The bridge was beautiful and well worth the effort to visit it. It is one of the oldest bridges in New Zealand.

We made it back to the car and this time on our way back to the main road we encountered a group of cows. The cows were also afraid of us and they started to run away. However, they ran in front of us. They ran for about five minutes and then they finally let us pass them.
We continued on our journey towards Queenstown. We stopped at other bridges, or former bridges in Roxburgh, Bannockburn, Alexandra, and Clyde. Then we really headed to Queenstown. We stopped in Frankton for groceries before going to our rental. Frankton seems like it is the town where most residents of the Queenstown area live.

We finally made it to our rental around 6 PM. By this time we were all tired of traveling and we just wanted to relax. I ended up making dinner for us at the rental and then the kids and I went to bed early so we could wake up early the next day.
For those of you that don't know much about Queenstown – it is the resort town in New Zealand that many, many people visit. There are activities year round…it is famous for being the area where bungee jumping was first done.

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