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Bangarra Dance Theatre

In the last week my daughter has been looking through a Pocket Sydney guide and listing places she wants to go to. Those sites include a prison museum, aquarium, zoo, and a temple…to name some things. She also asked me if we could see a show put on by the Bangarra Dance Theatre company. I quickly googled them and learned it is an indigenous Australian dance company which has received numerous awards.

Thus, I looked to see if they had any shows for their Bennelong show when we were in town (held at the Sydney Opera House). Unfortunately their last performance is July 22. We arrive two days later. However I noticed that they had a school performance show on Wednesday, July 26. I sent them an email and asked if we could purchase tickets even though we are not a school group – you have to buy tickets through the Opera House’s Creative Learning office.

I received confirmation today that they were fine with me ordering tickets. As a bonus, they also offered a tour of the Opera House either before or after the show. Thus I added that onto our tickets. For a family of four we are paying $105 USD total and that includes four tickets to the show and four Opera House tours. Priced separately, Opera House tours cost around $75 USD for a family of four.

One reason I am super excited about this show is that it a great learning experience for the kids. It will teach the kids about Australian history, and it will also be held in one of the most famous buildings in the world. The show description is:  

In a tumultuous time of Australia’s history, Woollarawarre Bennelong (a senior man of the Eora from the Port Jackson area in Sydney) and his community left us with a legacy that transcended ‘first contact’. Inspired by true events, this theatrical dance work highlights the extraordinary curiosity and diplomacy that led an Aboriginal community to survive a clash of cultures; contributing to the establishment of positive relationships between the Eora and the British.

Featuring a unique Australian dance language and some of the country’s most acclaimed dancers, Bangarra Dance Theatre celebrates the continuation of life and culture through the power, artistry, passion and physicality of dance. Students will love this brand new contemporary dance work that will leave them in awe of Australia’s history, choreographed by Artistic Director Stephen Page.

I guess to balance the Aboriginal culture of Australia I need to find something in New Zealand to introduce them to Maori culture too. Perhaps on the flight home I should ask the kids to compare and contrast the two 🙂

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