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Day 17: Queenstown

The weather forecast was pretty questionable today…however I had promised the kids I would take them skiing, plus this was the only day we could go skiing.

We caught a bus to Coronet Peak at 8:15. As we were waiting for the bus I rechecked my reservation and realized I had accidentally booked it for tomorrow instead of today. I quickly called the booking agency and they were able to communicate to the driver and get us on the Sunday bus, thankfully…
The bus ended up arriving at the ski mountain slightly after 9. I am glad we took the bus versus David driving us. The road is narrow and most people at this hour were going up the mountain and not down it.
The kids and I rented our ski gear and also ski pants. Then we headed out to the slopes. Jonas agreed to try a full day lesson which was really great for me as then I could devote my attention to Rachel and I did not have to listen to him beg to try a more challenging slope.

Rachel started off doing better than I thought. She insisted on holding on of my poles initially, then she gradually let go towards the bottom of the slope. After our first run we tried the slope on the other side of the lift, thinking it was a green as well….but after we started going down we realized it was a blue. She was still holding my poles and I kept telling her I was making things worse. At one point I had to let go of my poles as it wasn't safe but she was still holding it. She screamed and went barreling down the mountain and she finally fell. At this point she told me she hated me and hated skiing. I asked her if she wanted to stop skiing and she said no. She then asked to go down the beginner slope again….I told her I would only take her if she agreed not to hold my poles.
At this point she finally did great. She was able to snow plow and stay in control. I had kept telling her when we first started that if she did not hold my poles she would have more control.
We stayed in the beginner area the whole time. I had to beg Rachel to let us stop for lunch. She did not want to stop as she wanted to keep skiing. Then when we finally did stop she told me to eat quickly so we could get back out there.

With the weather situation, this could have been an awful day skiing. However, we ended up having all sorts of weather. It was cloudy, foggy, sunny, snowy, rainy, sleeting. You name it, we experienced it there.

Rachel and I stopped skiing at 3. We took off our items and then we ran into Jonas. Jonas was ready to be done at this point as well, which worked out well as we had to catch the bus back to town. As we approached our bus he pointed to a black diamond slope and lamented that he had really wanted to ski something like that and they did not in his lesson. I told him there was no way I would even allow him to ski something like that as he needs to be a strong skier before he tackles a black diamond.

Rachel quickly fell asleep on the bus ride back to town. We ended up getting back to our rental around 5:30. I enjoyed a glass of wine and made an easy pasta dinner for everyone to enjoy. The place was significantly warmer tonight – when we had arrived yesterday it was freezing. But temperatures are much more comfortable at our rental tonight.

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