Day 14: Travel to Christchurch

Nothing exciting today – we are flying from Cairns to Christchurch, connecting thru Brisbane.

When we returned our rental car, the family next to us turned out to be from Vienna, about fifteen minutes away from us. What are the odds of that – being all the way on the other side of the world and having people who live near us next to us? I am sure if we spoke to them long enough we could find a mutual connection between us.

Then, in the Cairns airport we ran into people from our snorkeling adventure. Rachel thought this was pretty funny and she told David and Jonas that mommy ran into her new friends.

Our flight to Brisbane was uneventful. We had to transfer between the domestic and international terminal which meant going through security again. Even with the recent Sydney news, security is not like it is in the US. There are varying levels of security depending if you are flying domestic or international.

We flew Air New Zealand from Brisbane to Christchurch. The service was very good and they even had gluten free meals for Rachel and I. There was in-flight entertainment. My only complaint was the seats were very tightly crammed in. I felt very claustrophobic. I may have to start getting aisle seats and putting the kids in the middle…the past flights we have let the kids have the window seats and we take the middle seats.

Since I really have no pictures from today, here are some pictures of our rental. Apologies of the mess, I took them after we checked in….

We stayed in a two bedroom villa at the Sheraton Mirage. It was awesome. There were essentially three outdoor areas – one right when you come in, one off the family room, and a porch off the master bedroom. Kitchen had all the items one could need. Space was large enough that we did not feel on top of each other. These next two nights though we go to a one room hotel room so that will not be fun.
Our villa was also close to the hotel pool. This was a massive pool and the kids enjoyed swimming in it.

UPDATE: We have now checked into our Christchurch lodging which is at the Commodore hotel. We are not staying at the main hotel. I was expecting a dinky little motel room when they drove us to our location down the street. It's a three bedroom, two bath house! I cannot believe our luck. I was preparing for a one room two-bed hotel room with all of us on top of each other. They also gave us a credit to spend at their restaurant since we are not at the main hotel.

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