Puerto Rico, Day 2

Today was our day to relax.  The kids and I slept in and were surprised when we realized it was 10:30 when we woke up.   We ended up having breakfast in our hotel room and then we went out to the beach by our hotel.  The kids could have spent all day there.  We swam in the ocean and played in the sand.  At one point I was swimming in the ocean and a wave took my sunglasses off of my head.  I was unable to find them – they had been one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses.  Oh well….I never spend a lot on sunglasses so it is not too big of a loss.

Once again, after swimming in the ocean we headed to the pool.  The kids enjoyed the pool while I spent about ten minutes hosing all of our beach stuff off.  After I finished that I heard thunder so I got the kids out of the pool….shortly after we left the pool it poured.  By this time it was almost 3:30 so we started to shower and get ready to pick up our rental car.  I rented a car from Enterprise which was walking distance from our hotel.

We picked up the rental car and then drove into San Juan for dinner.  The minute we got the car it started pouring down rain.  It stopped by the time we arrived in Old San Juan.  Then, after dinner the same thing happened again.  The minute we got in the car it started pouring.  So we were lucky that both times we were in the car.  We headed back to the hotel and I tried to get the kids to bed early as I needed to wake them at 5:30 AM so we could get tickets to take the ferry to Culebra.  I had heard if you wanted to go there you needed to be at the ferry station very early to purchase tickets.  The kids ended up sharing a bed together and it was very cute.

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