Puerto Rico, Day 1

This morning the kids and I flew out of BWI on Southwest and headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  In the spring I had seen a super cheap airfare with them, so I took advantage of it and booked it, knowing I could always cancel and use the money towards a future trip in the next year.  The kids have never had a beach vacation and I don’t really like going to beaches along the East Coast.  Caribbean is my style.  I have wanted my kids to just see what the Caribbean is like.  I spent some time researching Puerto Rico to see if it was considered safe now and what I kept reading was that the best thing you could do for Puerto Rico is to visit and spend your money on tourism.

I woke the kids at 4:30 AM and we made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare.  I had thought that the kids would sleep on the airplane, but I was mistaken.  R was awake the whole time and she is usually my “napper”.  I had hoped the kids would nap so our afternoon/evening would be better.

We landed around 1:00 PM and by 1:30 PM we were already at the hotel.  By 2 we were on the beach.  The kids were having a fun time in the ocean waves.  Next we headed to the pool.  We headed to our room around 4:00 PM, changed, and then walked .8 miles to a grocery store to stock up on food and drinks for our room.  We ended up eating dinner in the hotel room and then the kids went to bed early.

My initial observations of Puerto Rico were that I was a little surprised that most signs were in Spanish only.  Since they speak two languages here I was expecting to see both Spanish and English signs.  Still, I was excited to see this as I think it makes traveling more fun when you don’t speak the language.  It also has given me a chance to ask the kids what they think the words are.

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