Off to Europe (without the Family)

I’m getting ready for my next vacation.  But this one will be a true vacation?  No kids and no husband in toe.  Just me and one of my long time friends from college.  This will also be my first experience dealing with Celiac disease in countries where they do not speak English.

Wednesday evening, April 11th I am off to Prague.  Once I arrive in Prague on April 12th my Dutch friend meets me there in the evening.  We actually have no real set plans for Prague.  Just see where the days and nights take us.

Sunday evening we take a night train to Oswiecim, Poland.  We actually arrive around 5 AM.  I also have a cheap hotel room reserved for after we arrive in case we want to relax/sleep/shower before our tour of Aushwitz begins at 9.

Later that day we take a train to Krakow, and then we have a day in Krakow before we both return home on Wednesday, April 18th.

Hopefully I’ll find the time to update the blog when I am on my trip!

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One thought on “Off to Europe (without the Family)

  1. Sounds like a joyous, uplifting way to end a vacation.

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