Day 12: Port Douglas

Today was a day for relaxing. We let the kids sleep in, though they were still up early. Around 10:45 we left the rental and headed to the Wilderness Habitat park which is right outside Port Douglas. This was a lovely little park that had Australian animals. We spent a couple of hours here. We got to see beautiful birds, crocodiles, wallabies, kangaroos, and koalas to name a few animals.

We got back to the rental around 2 and Rachel and I had lunch. Around 3 I took the kids to the massive resort pool. They lasted until one of them needed to use the restroom and then they both decided they were done swimming for the day. We chilled for an hour and then had a family walk along the ocean.

The walk was very nice. The ocean is literally right outside our rental behind the vegetation. While on our walk we found sand bubbler crabs. These crabs create interesting patterns on the beach. They ingest nutrients from the sand and then spit out the sand into tiny balls. It looks like an artist has been on the beach with the patterns these balls form.

We came back from our walk and then the men went out for dinner while Rachel and I made ourselves something back at the rental. The men ended up grabbing take-away at a place named Daves. Apparently if your name is David they take your picture and add your picture to their wall of Dave's. Pretty cool!

Tomorrow should be another relaxing day for everyone. It is also our last full day in Australia:(

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One thought on “Day 12: Port Douglas

  1. Gam

    Glad you enjoyed Australia! Have fun in New Zealand!

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