Day Nine: Rome

Today was Easter Sunday. I had tickets to see the Easter mass in St. Peter’s square. However, the weather was atrocious. When I woke up it was pouring. Heavy downpours. And it was expected to be like this for hours. I decided that while I wanted to attend the Pope’s mass, it was not worth it with the weather. Plus there was thunder. I don’t like to be outside in thunderstorms. Nor do I like to be with 50,000 other people, the majority who are holding metal umbrellas. So I passed on the Easter mass. 


My friend Angie and I decided to check out the Barberini Gallery that was located very close to our apartment. This was a nice little museum. There was one painted ceiling that it was hard to tell if it was painted or a sculpture. You could see our apartment from it as well.  There was also a nice garden in the back of the museum.



We came back and decided to grab a quick lunch with the family and then go do something. We ate at a place by our apartment and then headed to see a crypt that was a block from our apartment. We got to the crypt and found out it was closed. Oh well, we will try to see that tomorrow.

Next we headed to see the Spanish steps. It was still raining at this point but we still managed to get out and do stuff. We saw the Spanish steps, took the obligatory pictures, and then headed to the Borghese Gallery where we had tickets for 3 pm. 


The walk from the Spanish steps to the Borghese gallery took a while. It was still raining. We got there at 2:30 and had to wait until 3 to go in. This was fine as the kids had a quick snack and we were able to sit in the nice and warm musuem. 


We went into the musuem at 3. The musuem had some Bernini sculptures and Giovanni paintings. It was another nice museum. Not too huge so you could see it all. However your ticket only gives you two hours in the musuem. At one point I teased the Bubba and told him there were only three more levels left to see and his facial expression was priceless. The Rhubarb kept herself entertained by copying the statues she saw. My favorite part of the museum were the floor mosaics. 


After leaving the musuem the kids talked us into renting a six person bike. That was actually fun, even in the rain. We rode around for about an hour and then headed back to the apartment in search of gelato. We had gelato around five and came back to the apartment for appetizers (Pringles) and then headed to dinner at 6:30.

At this point the Rhubarb did not want to eat out. So she stayed home with my husband. Angie, Bubba, and I went in search of dinner. The place in our guide book was closed so we decided to get McDonald’s. Angie and I have a thing about having a meal in a McDonald’s when we see each other. Which is funny because normally neither of us eats there. It is always interesting to see the different sandwiches they sell in other countries. You could also order using a machine, so of course I did that. 

We had McDonalds and then brought the Bubba back to the apartment. Angie and I then went out for a glass of wine. When we were finishing up my husband asked me to make a purchase at the grocery store. Angie and I got to the store right when it was closing. They told the people in front of us that they were closed. As the shopkeeper was telling this couple this I snuck by the shopkeeper by going behind the couple. I grabbed the one item we needed and paid….feeling very lucky that I snuck in to make my purchase.

Tomorrow we leave Rome to head back to Milan and then we fly home Tuesday. We have all had fun, seen a lot, and learned a lot…but I think we are all excited to head home and sleep in our own beds again.

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