Day Eight: Day Trip to Pompeii

We left Rome this morning on a train leaving Rome Termini at 8:45. We arrived at Naples at 9:55. I bought tickets for the Circumvensia train from a newspaper shop. This was a good decision as by the time we made it to the ticket machines there were huge lines.

We just barely missed the 10:17 train to Pompeii. As a result we had to wait until the 10:41 train. This got us to Pompeii at 11:17. There was a huge line to get into Pompeii, but we avoided this as I had pre-booked a private tour. This was very nice as the tour guide had a special line she could go in to get our tickets. 

We used the bathroom before touring the site. This was interesting to me because it was a squat toilet and there was no toilet paper. Thank goodness I had brought some tissues with me.

Then we proceeded to Pompeii. I thought it was pretty cool. I really enjoyed our guide and she taught us a lot. She pointed out things we would have not known on our own. She pointed out the ways the brothels advertised….the kids seemed to learn some things as well.  It was really, really interesting.

Had the kids not been with us I would have tried to see Herculaneum as well, but I figured it would be too long of a day for them if we did that as well. So after touring Pompeii we headed back to Naples.

We got very lucky with the weather. While we have had great weather on our trip rain was in the forecast for today and tomorrow. I did not bring our rain coats as the weather forecast looked rain free when I was packing. I figured if it was going to rain that I could always buy ponchos in a store here.

So, knowing the forecast for today called for rain I bought four ponchos yesterday. I was hoping that by buying ponchos that Murphy’s Law would have it not rain. We were very, very, very lucky. It was overcast for the start of our tour and there were some periods of rain, but for the most part it was pretty dry. The rain was tolerable. About half an hour after our tour there were downpours that would have soaked us.

We took our 5 PM train back. I could have fallen asleep on this train if the ride was more than 70 minutes. We headed back to the apartment for a quick bathroom break and then headed to the grocery store to buy some food in case everything is closed tomorrow for Easter. Then we grabbed dinner at a restaurant nearby, came back to the apartment, had the kids shower, and are doing more laundry.

Tomorrow the kids are sleeping in. I have tickets to the Pope’s mass but at this point I am playing it by ear. There is a 90% chance of rain tomorrow and I can’t imagine sitting outside for several hours in rain to be enjoyable. As much as I would like to be there, I think if I am miserable because of the weather that it is not worth the experience. 

Musuems are also free tomorrow in Rome because it is the first Sunday of the month. There is a museum next to our apartment – I am considering visiting that if the lines are not too big and it is still raining. We also have tickets to the Borghese Gallery at 3:00 so we might do that as well and also see the Spanish Steps.







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