Day Seven: Rome

Last night we went to bed with plans of sleeping in, but then I woke up at 8:30 and decided to rally the troops. We had tickets to an 11:40 tour at the Coliseum. The whole area over there was closing early so if we wanted to see the forum we needed to do that before the Coliseum.

Picking up the tickets from the Forum is a much, much, much shorter line than the Coliseum. I did not notice any special “reservation” lines like we had seen at other places. We went into the Forum and toured that. It was pretty cool walking around among the ruins.





 Next we went to the Coliseum. I was thinking since we already had tickets that the line would not be too bad. I could not have been more wrong. Even though we had tickets we still had to go through security…the same security everyone else was trying to go through. There was no way we would make our 11:40 tour. I was pretty disappointed since this was the tour that went below the Coliseum and then to the top. 

We finally got into the Coliseum around 11:50. We decided to go to our tour area just in case we could go with the next English tour group. When we got to the meeting area there was a family of three that had also missed their tour so that made me feel better. We then met two Americans who were signed up for the 12:00 Italian tour but hoping to get into an English tour instead.

When the 12:00 Italian tour guide came she told us it would not be possible to join the 12:20 tour. However, she was able to take us to our group. I was very excited. I don’t think we missed too much. Our tour guide had just taken the tour group down to the lower level, which is the level the general public is not allowed access to.

We took the tour and saw the various levels. While the tour did give us access to the bottom and top I felt the guide was a little dull. The Coliseum was crowded and our group was large so those may have been contributing factors.









After the Coliseum we had promised the kids gelato. However I was trying to avoid getting this right at the Coliseum. We managed to wait until we were by the apartment and I found a gelataria a block away.

We then grabbed take away lunches to eat at the apartment. My husband than took a nap while I took the kids to see the Trevi fountain. That was a disappointment as the fountain is being restored. Still, we saw it.  


We then proceeded to meet my Dutch friend Angie at her hotel. She is coming with us tomorrow to Pompeii. We briefly said hello and then promised to meet her later for dinner. She had tickets to an art museum at five. 

We had a late dinner with Angie. The Rhubarb needed to leave a little early because she was tired.  We then headed back to our apartment to try to get to bed early as we have a busy day tomorrow.

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