Day Five: Florence

The Rhubarb and I had gotten groceries yesterday so that we could have breakfast at the apartment. This was much nicer than being in a rush to find a place to eat and everyone could have what they wanted.

Our apartment is very nice. It is very close to the duomo and within walking distance to all the major sites. If you walk to the east some more you appear to be in a more residential area of Florence. There is a fairly large grocery store about two blocks east of the apartment as well. There is a very interesting garbage can inside the apartment. It is coded for different types of trash and recycling.



If you want to see pictures of the apartment, check out this link: Besides having space to spread out another great advantage is having the washer and dryer. Because of this we were able to pack super light with minimal suitcases. You may see us in the same clothes in pictures but I assure you the clothes are clean 🙂 Another great advantage is the kitchen. Knowing we have an option to eat a meal at the apartment is very nice. We also had an apartment in Venice but it was much smaller. 

Cost wise – the apartment is also cheaper than a hotel. I don’t want to post what we paid for the apartment on my blog but I would be happy to tell you if you ask me. 

Anyway, today we went to the Uffizi gallery. This was a much bigger museum than the Academia. The kids did as well as kids can be expected to do in a large museum. We saw some important works of art and then left and grabbed a quick lunch at a small snack store. After that we walked to the Ponte Vecchio for some more pictures.  


By this time the Rhubarb was tired so my husband took her back to the apartment. She informed me that she had been up early again this morning watching tv. The Rhubarb is the child that needs her sleep. If she does not get a good night sleep, the rest of us suffer. The good news though is that she appears to be on the mend from her cold.

I then took the Bubba to the Galileo Musuem. The Musuem is on two levels. I found the most interesting thing to be an exhibit on models of birth positions (such as breach and cephalic) and obstetrical tools used in the 17th century.

The Bubba and I then joined the Rhubarb and my husband and we relaxed for a couple of hours. Then we went out for a walk. We went into a fancy chocolate shop and let the kids each get a small Easter egg. Both are really looking forward to Rome as that is when we promised them they could get a large chocolate Easter egg. The little egg they each got had a small toy inside. Easy souvenir. 


During our walk the Rhubarb started complaining about her tummy. At that point we decided to have dinner at the apartment instead of out. I made a quick penne with tomato sauce and then the kids got ready for bed.

Tomorrow we head to Rome and Vatican City. We head to the Holy See for a tour after lunch. Then we have no more art museums until Sunday. One thing I miss in Florence is green space. Our apartment in Rome is right next to a park so I will have green space there.

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