Day Four: Florence

We had tickets to the Accadamia for ten AM. So I thought it would be a more leisurely morning. I had stayed up late watching Angels and Demons in preparation of going to Rome soon. So I woke to my alarm. The kids took a while to get ready and I ultimately ended up walking ahead of the family to pick up our tickets. I had a moment of excitement when I was able to communicate with another family in Spanish. 

We went in the Accadamia and to make the museum more exciting for the kids we told them to count the naked tooshies. This worked to keep the girl excited. She was particularly amused that the giant statue was named David. I found it interesting to see the size of the statue’s feet compared to the rest of the body when you were close up.              After the Accadamia we went to the duomo. I stood in line for an hour and a half so we could climb to the top of the dome. I am afraid of heights. The climb is long and half way through you share the same passage way with tourists coming down. And the roof is curved. It just keeps getting tighter and tighter. I am sure the views at the top are magnificent. I just took a quick shot and waited for the family down a few steps. It was better for the family this way. I have a fear of heights and also do not like to see my kids close to the edge of a high up building.      We came down from the duomo and headed back to our apartment for a late lunch. I then went out by myself to look for a mommy souvenir. I went to a monastary where they hand make purses, but I was not too impressed. I then walked to another store that I had seen by the duomo but I was followed around by a salesperson so that store will not be getting a sale from me. I like to be left alone when I shop.       I came back to the apartment and finished watching the movie I had started the night before. The kids then wanted to go out and do something before dinner so I took them back to the duomo. There we climbed the bell tower.  That is also quite a climb. The kids would have preferred if their dad took them to the top because I just yell at them to get away from the edge and I take one picture and tell them it is time to go back down.            Next we walked down to the Ponte Vecchio. Did I say I was looking for a purse? I think momma needs some jewelrey. There was absolutely stunning jewelry on the bridge. I think the Rhubarb and I will look tomorrow but I doubt I will buy anything. It is fun to look though.    


After that we met my husband for dinner at a restaurant I had read about called La Bussola. The kids ate their dishes without complaining and I got to enjoy some wine so I would call it a win-win.

We finished dinner and headed back to the apartment around 8:30. The kids showered and went to bed after watching some of their shows on their iPods.

Also – for the record the gelato count is  the Bubba – four and the Rhubarb – three. My pizza count is up to three.  


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