Day Three: Venice to Florence

I went to bed early last night but was then awoken by the Rhubarb in the wee hours of the night. I think her cold woke her up. Unbeknown to me she watched some tv on her iPod then rewoke me when her battery was at 20%. Since I did nothing she then woke her dad and told him she was hungry so they had a snack at 5:30 and then went back to bed.

I woke at seven and it was obvious everyone was still sleeping. I got ready and then found a bakery near our lodging. I bought some breakfast items for the family and then proceeded to try waking everyone up. We made it out of the apartment by 9:20 and then headed to Doge Palace for our 9:55 Secret Itineraries tour.

I preferred our clock tower tour to the Doge Palace tour. This is because the clock tower tour guide seemed to involve the tourists more. She seemed to hold the kids more interested than our Doge Palace tour. Regardless, the Doge Palace tour was still interesting. We had one guy on our tour that took pictures of EVERYTHING. I don’t know how he learned anything because he took so many pictures.   


After the tour we headed to a mask maker shop I had heard about. On our way there I attempted to buy tickets for the water bus for later. While doing this I noticed a sign that said the water buses were on strike from 10 – 1, and that ticket agents were on strike all day. Just my luck my credit card transaction went through but tickets could not be printed….so I should see a service agent at a ticket booth. Lovely. I am thinking I will have a charge on my credit card that I won’t be able to prove I did not use.  We went to the mask store and did not find anything that we wanted to purchase. The kids had seen some glass figurines they wanted to buy so we went back to the shop to purchase them. After that we decided to grab a quick lunch before heading back to the apartment to get our bags.    We picked up our bags and then took the water bus back to the train station. Our train left Venice at 3:25 and arrived in Florence around 5:30. I was looking forward to seeing the Tuscany landscape but unfortunately most of the landscape was tunnels from Bologna to Florence. 

 We checked into our apartment and it is awesome. It is a block from the duomo and within walking distance to all the major sights. And the rate is really reasonable. It is just perfect. 



 The Rhubarb was getting cranky the last half hour of our train ride. You could tell her lack of sleep was catching up to her. We decided not to go out to eat and instead have dinner at the apartment. So the Rhubarb and I went out to find something for me to make. Then we just hung out in the apartment and did laundry. 

Tomorrow should be a more relaxing day. We have tickets to one of the art galleries at ten and after that the day is free until dinner. We shall see what everyone wants to do.

I must say I am having a little bit of sticker shock coming from Venice. Food is much cheaper here. I noticed pizza is at least 3.50 euro cheaper.

Now that we have left Venice, here are my thoughts. I really enjoyed being there and walking around. Our lodging was basic but adequately priced and located in a great location so I would stay there again. I did feel Venice was very touristy. Most of the restaurants are tourist based. I wish I could have experienced Venice like more of the locals do. Maybe if we stayed at an outer island I would have felt like I was in a less touristy area. We were staying on the “city center” island. Still, I enjoyed our time there. I almost did not have us going to Venice but I knew I would regret it as I have always wanted to see the city.  I also think we picked the perfect time to go. I have heard there are lots of mosquitos in Venice in the summer but we only saw a handful when we were there. Also, it was still pretty crowded. I can’t imagine what it would be like in the summer months. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to exploring Florence tomorrow. 

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