Day Two: Milan to Venice

The kids went to bed relatively easy last night. Poor Rhubarb now has my cold. Thankfully I packed the kid’s medicine and a box of tissues. I was worried the box of tissues was overkill but it has been needed for sure. There was a minor “parenting scare” last night. I was woken at 1:45 AM by the girl who was wondering if the time was 8:45 as indicated by her iPod. I told her no, it was 1:45. But for a few minutes I was worried she was up for the day and not going back to bed. Luckily she went back to bed easily.

We woke up and then woke the kids. Neither kid wanted to wake up. The Italians just had their daylight savings time start as well….so technically we lost an hour of sleep overnight. 

Once we got the kids roused we headed to the breakfast room. The Rhubarb ate cookies and pasta for breakfast. I was suprised at the amount of sweets that were out for breakfast. Normally I would also try to encourage something healthier for the Rhubarb but she does not feel well. I was not in the mood to argue with her to eat better.

We finished up breakfast and then went to the station to catch our train. We took a fast train to Venice. The scenery was beautiful. Vineyards on the right side of the train and the Alps on the left. Our four tickets cost 39 euros. Total. For everybody.  


The train arrived in Venice at 12:10. I spent a few minutes looking for an ATM…it was pretty hard to find as it was not marked very good. Then, we rode the water bus to get to our lodging for the evening. Our lodging is on the island of San Marco which is the island with St. Marks square.

We had tickets to a clock tower tour at 3. I bought these tickets as I thought it might interest the kids learning about a clock and how it works. It was a nice tour with one guide and twelve people. The tour was on five different levels and cumulated with a view of Venice from the top. The kids seemed to enjoy the tour and we also got some nice pictures up there.  



After the clock tower we got in line to St. Marks basillica. I was initially disappointed as the church was actually closed. The kids and I decided to go to the top (5 euros for adults). I am glad we did this as that allowed a view of the church. The church is decorated with lots of mosaics. From a distance they looked like paintings. It was amazing to see the number of small pieces of tile used to make each picture.





 The kids enjoyed looking over St. Marks square, while my husband took pictures of us from below. After leaving St. Marks we then had a snack of gelato (2nd of the trip) and then we walked to the Rialto bridge. We watched a construction crew building a pier for a while and then walked back to our lodging. 




We freshened up at our lodging and had dinner at the restaurant below our lodging. The biggest laugh of the trip so far occurred at dinner. I thought I was ordering spaghetti and marinara sauce   …you know tomato sauce. Turns out it was spaghetti and “from the sea” sauce. The kids started laughing at me as soon as the dish came out. I do not eat seafood. Thankfully my husband and the bubba had shared a seafood dish so they were willing to eat my dish and I ordered what I had intended to order originally. Another lesson learned. 


We came back to our lodging after dinner and we all relaxed and put the kids to bed early. The Rhubarb fell asleep watching a movie and after I post this I am going to bed too (it is almost 9:30).



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