The Itinerary

We leave for Italy in two days.  Meanwhile, I have a cold.  I’ve had it since Sunday/Monday so I’m hoping to be improving by Friday.  My biggest fear is that I’ll be at sneezing non-stop on the flight.  I bought Sudafed at Target on Monday to bring with me.  I rarely take Sudafed, but I’ve flown to San Francisco before with a cold and it was pretty painful.  If I need it during the flight I will take it.  I bought the 4 hour Target brand Sudafed as opposed to the longer lasting one.  I chose the shorter one because I can give it to the kids in case one of them is sick as well.

We are flying Delta.  Assuming our first flight is not delayed we will have a long layover at JFK before we depart for Milan.  I’m hoping to spend that time in the Delta lounge.  The lounge at JFK actually has a patio you can go out to outside.  If it is not raining hopefully we can watch some planes land and take off from this patio.

We arrive in Milan around 7 AM Saturday morning.  We’ll hopefully be able to grab a nap.  Later that day I have tickets to the Last Supper painting.  Assuming everyone feels rested we’ll also try to see the Duomo there and then the famous shopping gallery next to the Duomo.

Sunday we head to Venice for 24 hours.

Monday we head to Florence.  We are spending three nights in Florence.

Thursday we head to Rome.  We’ll be in Rome for four nights.

Monday we head back to Milan and then catch our flight home the next morning.

We’ll be using Italian trains to get to all of our destinations.  I really do love riding trains in Europe.  It is so much better than the US.

I’m excited for the trip, but will admit that with this trip I am slightly more concerned with the risk of pick-pockets.  I’m planning to use zip ties to secure the zippers on my luggage and plan to use my money belt.  I’ll carry very little cash in my purse.  The travel purse I have is supposed to be theft deterrent.  Zippers clasp shut and the purse strap is supposedly impossible to cut.

So, hopefully you’ll follow my blog during our next family vacation adventure!

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