Book a Tour or Book on Your Own

When I tell people of our plans for our next trip, they often ask me if we are taking a tour, and if we did a tour when we went to Germany/France/The Netherlands.  For that trip, the one my husband and I went to in Scotland, and our upcoming trip I’ve done all the planning.

It seems to be considerably cheaper for me to do the planning than to do a trip with a tour.  One tour company I have a brochure for at home advertises at least $5000 per person on their tours, and that excludes air line tickets.  I could not imagine spending $20,000 to see Italy.  If I’m spending $20,000 then I better be staying in the Presidential suites at hotels.

It’s very easy to plan a trip for your family with the internet, Trip Advisor, and Google Translate.  Those are my three main tools.  I also start my planning by buying or checking out a book from the library on the country(ies) I am planning to visit.  It is also useful to look at touring companies itineraries to see if you can figure out what you want to do.  Once you know what you want to do, plan the trip and make your reservations.  Use TripAdvisor to help you find reputable companies.

This time exactly a week from now I’ll be sitting on a plane about to take off to Italy!  Hopefully my planning makes our trip better than a tour could have been.

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