Ticket Statuses

Our trip is on the horizon now.  I’m starting to make packing lists, print everything essential, research public transportation in each city, etc., etc.

I just checked availability on tickets I bought in advance…here’s how I did.   I was able to buy all the tickets below with my diligence.  I also bought all of the tickets from the official website and not a third party reseller:

  • Last Supper Painting (see blog post here: https://familyvacationadventures.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/last-supper-tickets/) –> Those pretty much sold out the day they went on sale.  I had to wake up at 3AM to get these and keep refreshing my computer until 5 AM
  • Clock Tower Tour, Venice –> Still available.
  • Doge Palace, Secret Itineraries Tour –> There is still some availability but no tickets for the time I wanted.  The time that is available would probably not even be an option for us.
  • Uffizi Gallery, Florence –> There is still some availability but no tickets for the time I wanted.
  • Academia Gallery, Florence –> There is still some availability but no tickets for the time I wanted.
  • Vatican –> Still available
  • Colosseum, Third Ring Tour –> No availability for any of the days when we’ll be in Rome.
  • Tickets to the Pope’s Easter Mass –> Not sure on availability…but this you had to send a fax a few months ahead of time to request.  I received a letter back from the Vatican telling me I could pick up tickets for this service.
  • Borghese Gallery –>  I got these tickets for the day the museum is free.  The museum consistently sells out.  I assume it’s sold out by now.  This one I also had to call Italy to book them – I could not book online.

Now, with some of the places above you can still buy tickets at the location, but then you run the risk of standing in line for hours to get in.  If you have the opportunity to buy tickets in advance and you know when you’ll be in a location, buy the tickets in advance.  I’m still regretting not buying the Eiffel Tower tickets three months ahead of time for my family when we were in France.  I thought I’d be able to buy them a month ahead of time.  Hence, I did not want to make the same mistake twice, especially with the Vatican and Colosseum.

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