Four weeks from today….

….and I’ll be on vacation.  Traveling to Italy.   Italy has been my dream vacation since I was in the eighth grade studying Latin and learning about Pompeii.  Then in tenth grade my Modern European History teacher sparked another interest of Italy for me as we learned about famous works of art there.  My Catholic roots have also always left me wanting to visit the Vatican.

Right now is the best part – the anticipation, the excitement.  I can’t believe I’m going to Italy in less than a month now.  I can’t believe I’m taking my kids with me.  Traveling with the kids is awesome.  The kids still talk about the castle we went to on the Rhine river and ask when we can go back.   I feel very fortunate that we are able to take the kids on trips like this.

So, here are the things I’m looking forward to the most.  First, spending time together as a family.  We are so busy in our daily lives that spending time together as a family can often be difficult.  Second, learning together as a family.  None of us has been to Italy before.  None of us speaks any Italian besides ciao.  The kids are excited for Venice, the Colosseum, and walking across an entire country in just one day (Vatican City).  While I know the kids won’t particularly be too enthusiastic at first, I’m looking forward to showing them the Last Supper, the Uffizi Gallery, and the Sistine Chapel.  Those are the places that they might not realize the significance now, but as they grow up they can one day say, “I was there.”  Similar to how we took them to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam – I felt it was too important to skip, regardless if people felt they were too young to realize the significance.  Anyway, I’m also looking forward to the pizza, gelato, and wine.

I think the best day of a vacation is the day before the vacation starts.  It’s kind of like Christmas Eve.  You have all the excitement of knowing the next day is Christmas, but after Christmas it will just be another normal day.  Same thing with a vacation.  I love being on the actual trip…but also hate that too because I know that means the trip will end eventually.  Oh well, I guess that means after this trip ends I need to plan the next trip 🙂

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