Last Supper tickets

We will be in Milan overnight as we recover from jet lag. Originally I did not think we would get up to Milan, but since airfare was so much cheaper we start off there.

Since tenth grade I have always wanted to see the Last Supper painting. I decided since we will be in Milan to try to snag tickets for it.

The painting is not located in a museum, but in a church. The church only allows small groups of twenty five per group fifteen minutes timed entries to see the painting. Tickets go on sale about three to four months before you visit. You can buy very reasonably priced tickets directly from a ticket agency, or if you can’t get tickets that way you can buy an overpriced walking tour to see the Last Supper.

The charge to see the Last Supper is 8€ per adult. Kids are 1.50€. In reality the tickets are actually free but a €1.50 convenience fee is charged for making the reservation. So this is roughly $10 for an adult ticket and $2.00 for a kids ticket. Meanwhile a walking tour ticket is very easily over $50. I think I saw one tour advertised for 68€.

Anyway, I did not want to spend an arm-and-a-leg on tickets to this, especially since I have no idea what time we will be able to nap for the day. It will all depend on the time we can check into our hotel room. So my thought was if I could get the cheap tickets I would get them, if not I would re-evaluate and discuss with the family. If we had the cheap tickets it would not upset me if the rest of the family decided to sleep through the tour. But if we had the expensive walking tour tickets then I would be waking people from naps.

The tickets for the date we were going to be in Milan went on sale December 2. But they don’t tell you what time the website will be updated. So I set my alarm for 2AM which was 8 AM Milan time. I kept checking frequently. Finally at 3AM I decided to go back to sleep and try again at 4AM. I don’t think I slept so I was back up at 3:30. At this point I noticed tickets were finally going on sale. I had to keep refreshing until finally my date showed. Unfortunately the latest tour available was at 4:00 PM. I was hoping for a 5 or 6 PM showing. Also, the 4 PM came with an a Italian tour guide. I gave up and went to bed, hoping if I called in the morning I could get tickets that did not show online.

So at 8 AM I called and unfortunately the only tickets available through them were at 2 PM. I declined those tickets. It is in the middle of potential nap time. I decided to see if the 4 PM Italian tickets were still available. They were. So I booked these. I had to pay an extra 3.50 € per person for the Italian tour that none of us will understand. Oh well. It is still way cheaper than me buying a walking tour for each of us. Plus there are podcasts we can download to our devices before we go, or we can rent headphones there for 3.50€ per person as well. Also, we are just looking at one piece of art. It is not like we are touring a castle…

The two biggest points from this post: pay attention to when tickets to major attractions go on sale, and don’t be afraid to book a tour in another language if that is the only available option.

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