Day Twelve: Last Day in London

Our last day in London was a bit more leisurely than our other days.  We decided to navigate outside of the city and visit Greenwich.  Greenwich is outside of London.  It was very easy to get to via their light rail.  It is a nice little town.  Greenwich is where the Prime Meridian is.  Lets be honest, we went there because I wanted to stand in both the Western and Eastern Hemisphere at the same time….now I can say I have been to 0 degrees longitude.  They have a neat museum there as well, it was worth the pounds we paid.  I can now calculate my longitude and latitude (if I have the correct instruments) any where in the world.

We grabbed lunch at a market on our way back to the light rail station.  Then we decided to head to our final bridge of the trip.  The bridge was in Hammersmith, London.  It was in a nice area.  We got out of the tube and the tube is in a shopping mall.  The bridge was only a few blocks from the mall as well.  Unlike the bridges we had visited the day before in the Chelsea area of London…The bridge was very ornate and built in 1887.

After leaving Hammersmith we headed to Picadilly Circus for some final souvenirs.  Then we headed back to our hotel to collect our bags, and then we hailed an Uber cab to the airport.  Our Uber cab cost us 37 pounds each way.  I highly recommend taking that to and from the airport. Right now there is a set Uber Heathrow airport price depending on the zone you are located in London.

Our hotel was right next to Terminal 4.  So we walked to our hotel from the Terminal, checked in and enjoyed a leisurely evening at the hotel.  We had dinner at the hotel which was nothing great but extremely expensive.  We had to check out at 4:45 AM to catch our flight home at 7:30 the next morning.




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