Day Eight: More Inverness

Today was our lazy and relaxing day. We slept in until around 8:30 (sad that we consider that sleeping in these days). We then went shopping in the downtown shopping center. We bought nothing. We decided to head it and do something. So we headed to the Culloden Battlefield. This was where a great fight occurred between the government and the Jacobites, with the Jacobites being greatly defeated. It kind of reminded me like a Civil War battlefield site.

After seeing that we visited some ancient burial sites. On our way to that we noticed a very large 29-span viaduct. We stopped to take pictures of that.

We then went to visit another suspension bridge that was inside a park. A children’s train goes across the bridge. We bought tickets and saw the bridge from the train.

After seeing that bridge we decided to go see a movie. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Teens here are just like teens in the US – they talk through the hole movie with no consideration to others around them.

We went back to the apartment after the movie and called the kids. The kids are still not upset that we have left them. In fact, I think they will cry when we arrive back to pick them up. They are having way too much fun with their cousins.

We then headed for a late dinner. We ended up eating at the Castle Tavern. This was an ok restaurant serving reasonably priced Scottish food. We enjoyed our dinner and headed back to the apartment.

Tomorrow we leave early and head to Aberdeen where we will sleep for the night.









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One thought on “Day Eight: More Inverness

  1. The viaduct looks very Roman. I wonder what its story is?

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