Day Five: Isle of Skye

This morning started with us having breakfast at 8:15. After breakfast we headed out promptly. We are staying in the town on Kylearkin. We ended up driving along the coast of Skye today passing through Portree. We continued on the eastern side of Skye then came back down and headed towards Dunvegan castle. We drove down the western side of Skye and eventually headed back to our hotel. In my opinion the eat side of the island took considerably more time to drive than the western side. Had this been a sunny weekend day it would have also taken us even longer. There are several parts of the road that are one lane only so you need to wait your turn. For those of you afraid of heights you will be happy to know I did not notice any roads that felt like they were on the edge of a cliff.

Skye was very beautiful. It reminds me a lot like Hawaii with all of the greenery. There are sheep grazing next to the road in several places. There are dramatic cliffs. There are waterfalls. It was gorgeous.

The weather though was horrendous! It has been raining since left Edinburgh. A large part of that is due to the remnants of Hurricane Bertha that is now over a Scotland. A small part of that is because this is how the weather often is in Skye.

One thing our innkeeper told me was that Skye’s tartan pattern is green and purple. After driving today I could see why – the hills and mountains are green and there is purple heather growing all around.

Below are some pictures of Skye. I apologize for the quality….please remember it has been raining since we got here…and also very windy. I will really appreciate a 90 degree day once I get back home.










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