Day Four: Edinburgh and Journey to Isle of Skye

This morning we woke up early as we had tickets to see the Real Mary Close. It’s basically underground housing…the housing used to be above ground but in the 1700’s the city of Edinburgh built a government building on top of it, using the old homes as part of the foundation. We finished the tour and then said goodbye to my friend. We departed Edinburgh around 11 AM.



Next we headed towards the Isle of Skye. On paper it looks like a pretty quick drive as the distance is not immense. But the drive takes a long time as you are driving through hills and lakes and small mountains. It was also raining the entire drive thanks to remnants of Hurricane Bertha. The drive was beautiful, even with the immense rainfall. Some of the scenery reminded me of Hawaii.


We arrived at our hotel around 6:30. Our innkeeper was nice enough to arrange dinner reservations for us at 7:45. We ate at The Waverly and it was very good. My husband got the local seafood platter and I got the chicken satay. It was delicious.

We got back to our room around 10pm and called the kids, who were not very interested in talking to us. I guess that is for the better.

One thing that was disappointing about today was that we stopped at a suspension bridge on our way to Skye. On that bridge there were some Love Locks. This is basically when a couple puts a lock on the bridge to signify their love for each other that is eternal. Once one lock is placed others soon follow. The locks eventually obstruct the bridge. They ruin a beautiful structure. In Paris the locks have become so numerous they are starting to really obstruct the bridges and the views. Please don’t ever attach a lock to a bridge or other structure – leave those structures as they were originally built so that others can admire the beauty.

Anyways….tomorrow we spend the whole day exploring Skye. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow, but we are in Scotland after all. I was just excited that it did not rain when we saw the Royal Tattoo and that it did not rain when my husband went up on the bridge.



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