Day Three: Edinburgh

Wow, what a great night of sleep. Finally we were able to sleep in. I ate my alarm for 9 thinking I would wake before it went off, but I awoke to my alarm going off.

My husband had tickets to go to the top of a suspension bridge so he went to go do that. I used the time that he was gone to go for a 15 mile run. The night before I was starting to think about scaling it back to perhaps a 5 mile run. However my training plan for the NYC marathon has me running 15 miles this weekend. I decided to do the run along the Union Canal path. The first 6.5 miles were paved, but mile 6.5 – 7.5 was not paved…it was on a gravel road which eventually became a muddy road. After mile 7.5 I turned around. I learned on my run that people are not as friendly and vocal as they are in the US. In the US people are always saying hello as you run and also cyclists are shouting “on your left”. Here you were lucky if you got a bell.

Here are some photos from my run:











After my run I came back to the hotel. I showered, took care of blisters, and then went to a grocery store to buy some snacks for the room. Shortly after I got back from that my husband returned. We enjoyed snacks with my friend and then headed out for an early dinner. We ate at the White Hart Inn which was apparently established in 1516. My husband and my friend shared a dish called “A wee bit of haggis”. I order a Scottish Mac and cheese and had two large glasses of wine with that.




After dinner my friend went back to her hotel room. My husband and I went to get tickets for The Real Mary Close. We will do that tomorrow and then leave Edinburgh to head to the Isle of Skye. We headed back to the hotel early, around 8, and are now just relaxing and enjoying the quiet evening. We briefly watched a street performer…some of those pictures are below along with some other miscellaneous pictures.









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2 thoughts on “Day Three: Edinburgh

  1. Impressive, a 15 mile run while on vacation:)

    • I know. Last night I was only thinking of running 5. It helped that I had nothing else to do, the weather was in the lower 60’s, and the humidity tolerable. Very different than my US runs!

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