I’m Going On Holiday Soon

We leave for our trip in two days!  This will be the first time we fly to Europe taking a 10 PM flight.  I am hoping that it will at least allow me to sleep on the plane.  I always find it hard to sleep on flights to Europe when you take off around 5 or 6 PM…and you know it is already 11 PM Europe time.  Then you land at 6AM  having barely slept and just trying to stay awake until you can check into your hotel.

As a reminder of what is to come over the next two weeks – my husband and I are visiting the United Kingdom.  We are flying into Edinburgh, Scotland.  We’ll stay there for three nights.  He has plans to go to the top of a suspension bridge in Edinburgh one day.  After Edinburgh we travel to the Isle of Skye for two nights.  Next we go to Inverness for three nights.  After that Aberdeen for a night, then onto London for three nights.  Then we fly home.  We’ll primarily be in the United Kingdom to photograph suspension bridges.  For once I don’t have a grand itinerary planned around our travels.  I figure we’ll just stop and see what interests us.

There is still a lot of packing left to do, mostly on the parent’s end.  I just printed a list for the kids of what they need to pack…I will look over what they ended up packing tonight.  I’m sure there will be a lot of interesting outfits.  As my son would say, “Whatever”.  I’m trying to get to the point where I am no longer packing for them and they can pack for themselves.  However, I still think they need a list to follow.

I’m mostly worried about my packing.  I need to keep up with my running (training for the NYC marathon) while we are away.  That means one weekend I need to get a 15 mile run in and another weekend I need to get a 12 mile run in.  Ideally I should also be doing some running during the week as well.  But the running really affects my packing.  Now I need to figure out what I can minimally get by on with running gear…but I will need to bring my hydration pack since I have those long distances to run.  I am still targeting one bag for myself.

Speaking of running, I am looking forward to getting to run in different landscapes.  I’ve found a path that runs along the river in Inverness to try out.  There’s a nice park close to downtown that I would love to run around.  A local running store recommended a path along a canal as well.  Apparently that links up with some aqueducts.  In London I am planning on running loops around Hyde park to get my 12 mile run in.

So welcome to my blog.  Since the kids won’t be with us I am going to try to update frequently so they can follow us on our journey (my apologies in advance).  Although if I can’t get a data plan to work with my phone then updates will only be done when we have wi-fi.

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