Getting From and To Heathrow Airport

Our trip is getting closer and as a result I am starting to make final decisions….

We arrive in London around 8:15 AM on a Saturday, and we depart around 7 AM on a Tuesday. I started researching transportation options into the city to get to our hotel. I considered the following:

– Car service
– Heathrow Express train
– The tube
– Taxi

I was leaning towards a car service to get us into central London. I know its pricier than the tube or the Heathrow Express train but the biggest benefit is we have direct transportation to our hotel and don’t need to transfer tube lines or walk blocks with our luggage. So once I decided on that option I started researching reputable car service companies. I came to the conclusion that while one person might like one company, another person hates that company. Or you think you are paying one rate and then you find out that rate does not include luggage or waiting time. I basically felt like it was going to be impossible to decide on a car service provider.  And another thing that concerned me – I’m not sure how long it will take us to get from our arrival gate to the airport exit. Or how we’ll even find our car service provider. On one website someone had suggested using Uber….and that is what I have decided we will do.

Benefits of using Uber –> there is no extra fee for our luggage, there is a flat rate of 35 pounds from the airport to central London (if we go with the smallest size car), we can order a car when we arrive at the airport (we might have to wait about ten minutes, but at least I am not stressing about not knowing what time to arrange the car service for), easy to charge, we don’t need to worry about a tip, and we’ll be taken right to our hotel. We used Uber last summer to catch a ride home from the train station to our house out in the suburbs and it was a nice. So I am actually looking forward to our next Uber experience.  I can now cross “figure out transportation into London” off the list of things I research.

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