Spring Break Trip to Charleston

Next month my kids have spring break at their schools. Neither my husband nor I have taken a real vacation from work since our trip to Europe this summer. I wanted to go somewhere with the kids but did not want to spend a whole lot of money. I also don’t want to risk going north where we could potentially see more snow. So we are heading south to Charleston, SC. Charleston is one of my favorite vacation spots.

Charleston is a great place to visit. I love it as there are great historical sights to see – there are old homes and also Fort Sumter (to name a couple of things). There are also lots of other things to do in the area besides historical sites. Charleston is also near beaches. While I don’t think the water is warm enough for my kids to swim in during April they will have fun playing in the sand. The last time we were in Charleston we took a trip to a barrier island and we will also probably do the same thing again.

There are also marshes/swamps within an hour drive. We have stopped twice at a place with a boardwalk over swamp land. It is always a fun walk to take as you wonder if you are going to run into an alligator or snake.

I am considering taking a day trip when we are down there to Savannah, GA. I have been told I went there as a kid (which basically means we got gas there once). I am sure I can persuade my kids to do a day trip there as they will be excited about adding another state to the list of states they have been to.

Anyway, this trip is a little more than a month away and I have done no research on the area besides what I know. I now have some family that lives in the area where as the last time we were there no family lived there. I am planning on us just relaxing and playing it by ear. If the kids want to spend the day at the beach that is fine. One day we’ll probably go to Fort Sumter and the aquarium. This is basically a trip for the kids so I will probably let them drive most of the decisions for the trip.

Normally if we are going somewhere for an extended time I will book an apartment on VRBO.com but for this trip we are just staying at a Residence Inn. I figured we will be visiting family some and won’t be at our hotel much at all. The family in the area lives within a block or two of the beach….Anyway, I also like the flexibility the Residence Inn provides – I can cancel up to the day we are supposed to arrive. So if we decide not to go anywhere for spring break we have not lost any money. Additionally, Residence Inns have kitchens. I do take advantage of those when we are on vacation. Often at the end of the day the kids are tired and don’t want to go out for a meal. I can very quickly make something simple for everyone. Finally, there is a pool at the hotel. My kids will enjoy swimming in the pool when we are not out doing other things.

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