Why I travel Now Instead of Waiting For Retirement

Since the start of 2014 I have been reminded that life is short and in an instant our situation could change. In a town a couple of hours away a mother was out for a morning run with her husband and was hit by a car and died instantly. Locally, last week another woman was helping her child into her car and she was stuck by a dump truck, and subsequently died from her injuries.

On a personal level in January I learned that one of my former co-workers was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon cancer. He has a three year old and his wife is pregnant with their second. Last weekend I reconnected with an elementary school friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and is still undergoing chemo treatments. Last night I learned that the mother of my son’s good friend was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

These examples remind me to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day we have on this earth. I am constantly thankful for my health and that of my kids and my husband. I realize that one day these could change in a second and as a result we might be limited to where and when we can travel.

My kids are in elementary school and growing up way to fast. When I think of my favorite memories of them most involve a family trip. Perhaps it’s because when we are on a family trip my husband and I are not glued to our work computers and can instead focus all of our attention to our kids. Perhaps it’s because we are in a new location with new experiences. Perhaps it’s because of the joy I see on my kids faces when they do or see something new.

I thoroughly enjoy traveling with my kids as well. I am slightly saddened that they won’t be coming to Scotland with my husband and I but I remind myself that it’s a special trip to celebrate our anniversary. I don’t want to send my kids off to college and have memories of trips my husband and I took without the kids….instead I want to have memories of the trips my husband and I had with the kids. I want to recall the excitement they had on the alpine slide in Austria, or relaxing on a lake in Minnesota, or going to Disney World, or witnessing the beauty of the Grand Canyon.

What if my husband and I waited for retirement to make our big trips? What if by that time I need knee surgery or we are no longer capable of walking long distances? What happens if one of us (or both) does not make it to retirement? I don’t want to miss out on making these memories now thinking I will be able to make them later. I want to live life now, and live it with my kids.

So with that, I will end this post and start looking through my travel book for Italy. We may not be going there for another year or year and a half, but I think now seems like the ideal time to plan the next big family vacation adventure.

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One thought on “Why I travel Now Instead of Waiting For Retirement

  1. catheyambush

    As a mom myself, you’ve captured every thought I’ve wondered about my own family’s travels. This is perfect – thanks for sharing!

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