Let the planning begin!

My husband and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary next year.  To celebrate I proposed that we take a trip to celebrate.  I prepared a list of probably 20 to 30 destinations that I would be interested in going to.  This past week during lunch we decided on a location for our trip – Scotland!  Now to start the planning.  I know we want to spend most of the trip in Scotland but maybe a few days in London as well.

We are going to time our trip with an event that is happening in Scotland.  We need to obtain tickets to this event and tickets have not gone on sale yet nor do we know what day we will get our tickets for.  So right now I don’t even know the dates we will be heading there.  It will most likely be July or August.

So, since I can’t buy tickets then I can at least start researching air fare prices.  Additionally we need to decide how long we will go for.  And if we’ll bring the kids with us or not.  I have mixed feelings about bringing the kids.  On one hand if we bring them they can enjoy the trip and we don’t have to worry about them at home and we can probably stay longer.  On the other hand, this is to celebrate our ten year anniversary and their mood can sometimes limit what sight seeing we are doing.  And it will be easier to line up child care since we would be gone in the summer…they could visit with cousins or grandparents.

I strongly believe that half the fun of going on a vacation is planning the vacation and finding that perfect hotel and that great deal.  So time to start planning!  I often plan at night once I have finished working and am relaxing in bed.  I find it is fun to drift off to sleep dreaming about the latest place I have discovered.

Have you ever been to Scotland?  What do you recommend?

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