Europe 2013: These are a few of my favorite things

Now that we are back and *mostly* recovered from the trip I thought I would write about the things we enjoyed most.

First – we enjoyed visiting with our family and friends.  We were able to experience four different countries – three of those with a family member or friend.  We are grateful for that.

Now – onto the other things.  If you ask the kids what their favorite parts of the trip were – they will say the Alpine slide that we did in Austria and climbing the church tower in Munich.

I of course have several favorite things.  I loved riding the trains throughout.  Trains are just so much better than being stuck in a car driving.  The one time we had a long drive ahead of us we were stuck in traffic.  With trains that is not a problem.

I loved Munich and the Garmisch area.  Next time we go to Germany I think we’ll make a whole vacation based in this area. There is so much to do around here.  I would love to visit the area around Christmas time and go to a Christmas Market and then go skiing in the Alps.  The mountains are beautiful.  I also would not visiting this area during any other time of the year.  There appeared to be many hikes near us.  Garmisch also appeared to be a nice little town that was big enough to make it feel like a normal size town that I could actually live in.  I would love to be able to rent an apartment for a summer sometime in this area when the kids are older.

My favorite thing that we did – go to the Bavarian festival in Garmisch.  This was so awesome.  I would plan future trips around this festival.  It was pure German culture and it was unstaged.

I loved the Alpine slide. I could have just stayed at that mountain all day.  I wish I could have had the day on the mountain with just my husband – it would have been fun to take the chairlift to the top and then walk down.

I loved renting bikes in the Netherlands and riding to see all of the windmills.  This made me feel so Dutch and I loved passing other people riding bikes.

I loved the historical museums in Berlin.  Berlin is a city that I could easily visit on my own without the family and just spend hours in each museum.  Bike riding seems to be very big in Berlin also.

I loved visiting Rheinfels castle.  This castle would have been fun to spend an additional hour or two at.  It was huge and really fun walking around in the tunnels.

I loved visiting Paris, though our visit was short.  We weren’t willing to drag the kids into museums here, but just being in Paris is an experience.

I loved that lunch could be as simple as walking into a local bakery and picking up a loaf of bread.  I don’t think I can even count the number of sit down lunches we had on our trip.

And finally – I loved that I was able to show my kids Europe with them being at such a young age.  Sure – we ate more McDonald’s than I had anticipated.  But we were able to do a lot with them and they were relatively good sports about it.

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