Europe 2013, day fifteen: Germany and returning home

Today was the day we flew back home.  Like our journey to Europe, it would also be a long journey home.  That’s what happens when you book the cheapest tickets you can find on the East coast.


Our flight left Dusseldorf at 12:05 PM.  Our hotel was literally right across from the
airport.  So we left the hotel around 9 AM and immediately went to the airport.  The line to check-in was HUGE but the line moved relatively quickly.

Castle in Germany

Security was much nicer to go through than US security.  I am a nightmare to go through security with. I hate the naked body scanners though I am feeling much better about them knowing which ones show an outline of you versus a naked image in another room.  Anyway, in Germany we were able to keep our shoes on and we only had to go through a metal detector.  My husband had forgotten about our French sunscreen and he had that taken away….

Castle in Germany2

We went through security and briefly glanced at Duty Free.  I don’t really understand this.  It seemed to me the prices were much more expensive than anything I could buy in the states.  Duty Free wanted to charge 3.50 euro for a bag of gummy bears.  I can buy the same bag of gummy bears at Target for under $2.00.  So we passed on duty free.

We went through passport control and headed to the gate.  Boarded the plane – once again I had reserved the bulkhead seats for us. So we were the first row in Coach class.  It was nice as we were the first to get our meal and the first to get off the plane.  I much prefer flying East to West – we had an enjoyable flight and I was able to watch a few movies.  The Rhubarb ended up taking a nap for about two hours of the flight as well.  I  had ordered kids meals for the kids but I suspect they mixed up the main course unfortunately.  The kids menu said, “Spaghetti and meatballs” but the main dish they were served looked nothing like that.


Anyway, we landed at Newark.  We went through customs and the agent asked us if we were sure we had all of our bags.  He was impressed with our packing for two weeks 🙂  We then had to wait around for another two hours before we caught the train to Washington DC.  Once we boarded the train the Rhubarb fell asleep right away.  The family was separated on the train since we were not boarding at a starting point.  We eventually arrived in Washington DC.

After arriving in Union station we decided to try Uber to get us home.  It was very nice.  For not much more than a cab we had a Lincoln Town Car.  I also had a $20 off your first ride coupon so it probably worked out cheaper than a taxi anyway.  I spoke to a couple of Uber drivers and both seemed to imply that they loved being Uber drivers.

Eiffel Tower

Both kids were passed out on the taxi home.  We got home and both kids immediately went to bed 🙂  Both kids had camp the next day and both were wide awake and able to start camp on time.

It was a great, but exhausting trip.  We are happy to be home!


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