Europe 2013, day fourteen: France – Paris

We took the train in from Meaux this morning. We had thoughts of visiting the Eiffel Tower but instead went to the Arc de Triumph. Since it is Saturday and the Eiffel Tower was closed part of the day yesterday due to a bomb threat we figured it would take forever to get up there and also be very crowded. I feel a little disappointed but I think the only way we could enjoy the tower as a family is if we were the first ones up.

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So we went to the Arc. The lines were relatively short for this attraction. If you have a Paris museum pass and you have kids you need to wait in this line to get them tickets. You pay for your tickets and then climb to the top. At the top you can see the ten streets that connect at this point. I am afraid of heights but I actually managed to look over the edge.

After the Arc de Triumphe we went to Montmarte to see the Sacre Coeur. This is a beautiful location in Paris. Every time I am there I always think of my grandmother. The church was pretty crowded and full of tourists but it is really nice inside.


We then had lunch and walked around in the Montmartre neighborhood. If I was ever to live in Paris this would be one of the areas I would consider moving to. I could just walk around up here for hours. I stumbled upon the cafe where one of my favorite movies, Amelie, was filmed. That was pretty cool.


After leaving Montmarte we headed back to Paris Nord to catch our Thalys train back to Dusseldorf. Tomorrow we return home. For this train ride I booked us in Comfort One. The ride has been going pretty fast. We had a snack service with wine, and then followed later with a dinner and more wine. Internet is also free in this class. The kids were the same fare regardless if they were Comfort one or comfort two.

Our train arrives at the Dusseldorf airport at 9:58 PM and our hotel is right over there. Our flight leaves tomorrow at 12:05 PM. We fly into Newark and then take an Amtrak train home.



It has been a trip of many countries, trains, and McDonald’s. once we return stateside I will add more thoughts. If I ever have the opportunity to move to Europe for an extended amount of time I would do it in a heartbeat.

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One thought on “Europe 2013, day fourteen: France – Paris

  1. Sarah Hogue

    I love the movie, Amelie! It sounded like a wonderful, fabulous trip.

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