Europe 2013, day twelve: France – Paris

This morning we needed to catch a train leaving at 8:58 to go to Paris. The train was very nice and we arrived in Paris at 11:38. The ride seemed to go very quickly.

When we arrived we found our friend and then we stored our luggage in a locker. The Paris Gare du Nord was extremely busy. The line to buy metro tickets was extremely long as well. We ended up leaving the station and walking to another station to get tickets.

We then proceeded to go to the Eiffel Tower. We had planned on seeing the Eiffel Tower today but the line was crazy long. It easily looked like a three hour wait. I might go into Paris early on Saturday to wait in line so the rest do not need to. Where is my younger brother when you need him? He was the official seat reserver/person to wait in line.

Eiffel Tower

After the Eiffel Tower we walked around a little. We then decided to head to Luxembourg gardens so the kids could play there. This is a great park to go to for people watching and observing French life. There are people playing games all around and the playground is super. My kids did not know which way to run.


We then had to catch the train to Meaux, where we are staying. We got to Meaux, dropped off our stuff and then headed out to dinner. The kids decided on the train out to Meaux that they wanted to stay with our friend.

Tomorrow we are planning on taking it easy. The kids had wanted to go to Disneyland but we talked them out of it. They are just spending the day with our friend now.

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