Europe 2013, day eleven: The Netherlands – Amsterdam

Wandering around Amsterdam, Anne Frank House (no photos allowed inside), canal cruise, rain, rain, more rain. We spent the afternoon in Volendam, in the rain, but I didn’t bother bringing the camera.

This morning we had tickets to visit the Anne Frank house at 10:40 AM. In order to meet this reservation we aimed to leave Angie’s house around 8:00 AM. We actually left her house at 8:15 AM. There was little traffic on the road and we easily made it to Amsterdam in time for our reservation. We parked the car and had a quick snack and drink before going to the museum.


First of all – the Anne Frank house is another place I strongly recommend a reservation. Once again we just went straight in while there was a huge line for people without reservations. The museum was very crowded and there were not a lot of kids there. My kids behaved very well in the museum. It was a little hot and crowded. You basically follow the crowd through our the museum. So you are only as fast as the slowest person in the museum.

After that we got another quick drink. Then we walked back toward the main train station. Once we got back to the train station we took a canal boat tour.

20130807-201232.jpg1091160_10200562485371128_1043706411_o 1005342_10200562472570808_1738945476_n 1146173_10200562471370778_2042784188_o
We eventually headed back to my friend’s house. We stopped on the way back to her house at “McDonald’s” as my kids have wanted to try out the Dutch Mickey D’s. Ate dinner and then headed back to her house.

We leave her house tomorrow morning to catch a 9:00 AM train to our final trip destination before we start adventuring back home. Tomorrow will be busy but I think Friday we are finally going to take another day to relax.


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