Europe 2013, day ten: The Netherlands – Rotterdam

A day in which the main activity was exploring the windmills of Kinderdijk ( by bicycle. Of course, there were a few bridges noted along the way including Rotterdam’s exceptional Erasmus Bridge.


This morning we woke up the kids around 8:30 and headed to Kinderdijk near Rotterdam. We took the metro to the waterbus stop and then after that my friend had arranged bike rentals. We rode the bikes to Kinderdijk. This was really neat. The landscape was typical Dutch. Flat and windmills and dykes along the way. Rhubarb rode on a bike with Angie, and the rest of us had our own bikes.


We had lunch there and then rode back to return our bikes. All was well until we stopped to wait for the waterbus. The Rhubarb tripped and fell and then everything after that was downhill. She skinned her knees and my kids do not like any sort of bandage on a skinned knee yet they also don’t like to see skinned knees. So I ended up needing to carry her after her injury. My arm muscles are going to be huge when we return.


We returned to Angie’s place and then Angie and I went to Delft in hopes of buying another piece of Delft porcelain. Angie and I got there and the prices seem to be much higher than I remember from 2001. I did not buy anything. I decided I can probably buy something on eBay cheaper than what I saw in the stores. So I passed. We then stopped at the grocery store and picked up some snacks and other things.



We got back to Angie’s house and then shortly after that we headed to her sister’s house. Her sister had prepared a very yummy lasagna for us. She has a 1.5 year old so our kids were playing with her son’s things. It was a lovely meal.

We left a little after eight and headed back to Angie’s house. Rhubarb skipped her shower due to her injuries but Bubba took one. Unfortunately Rhubarb did not fall asleep until after nine.

Tomorrow we are heading into Amsterdam to see the Anne Frank house and possibly do a canal boat tour.



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