Europe 2013, day eight: Germany – Rhine river

A day in which not many photos were taken as we left Biberach An Der Riß, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany for Sankt Goar picking up Angie along the way in Mannheim, Germany after a quick morning stop at the famous Ulm Minster

This morning we aimed to leave my cousin’s house by 8:30. We managed to leave around 8:50. The GPS still had us arriving in Mannheim to pick up my Dutch friend around noon though. On our way to Mannheim we passed through Ulm. Ulm has a very large Lutheran church there so we decided to drive by and take pictures. Doing this though put us about thirty minutes behind schedule. We figured we would make up time on the autobahn.

20130804-214854.jpg1102541_10200550211464288_1912353155_o 1146968_10200550206464163_66442610_o
It was the longest three hour drive ever 🙂 All of Europe was on the road heading to their vacations. There was also construction going on as well. We finally arrived in Mannheim around 1:40. We picked up my friend Angie and then immediately headed to a restaurant recommended to us by my cousin. The restaurant was on the river and also had very easy parking to find 🙂

1146285_10200550220424512_736506112_o 1147090_10200550213064328_968672114_o

Next we proceeded to head up towards the Rhine river. Once we started driving next to the Rhine we started seeing castle after castle and vineyard after vineyard. It reminds me of France a little. We finally arrived at our hotel around 6:15. The kids were cranky so Angie and I went out to dinner on our own and brought back dinner for the others.


We are in our room for one night. Tomorrow we depart Germany and head to the Netherlands. We are staying with Angie. We are taking a German ICE train from Dusseldorf to the Netherlands. Bubba is looking forward to it. My husband will have to say goodbye to the Mercedes though.


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