Europe 2013, day six: Germany – Neuschwanstein castle and Lake Constance

A day in which we departed Garmisch-Patenkirchen early in the morning for a tour of Neuschwanstein Castle, followed by an ice cream lunch on Lindau Insel (Island) in the Bodensee (Lake Constance) with an afternoon complement of Langenargen suspension bridges in the sweltering 36C heat. Now visiting A’s cousin and family for two days in Biberach An Der Riß, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.


Today we had to get up early to make our 10:25 AM tour at Neuschwanstein castle, a little more than an hour from our lodging. We needed to be there an hour before hand, so that meant waking the kids up early in order to eat breakfast. We checked out of our lodging and were given two chocolate bars for the kids (large ones).

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We started to head towards the castle. The GPS had us arriving there right around 9:22 AM. As we are driving at one point the Bubba declares he thinks he is going to be sick….five minutes after declaring this my husband decides we should open one of the chocolate bars because they will melt in the car later. I give some to the Rhubarb and she did not like it. The Bubba was not allowed any because he felt ill. My husband had some of the chocolate bit I then finished the bar. I had to – otherwise it would have melted and I refuse to allow good chocolate to melt.


We eventually arrived at the castle. I will need to write more about that experience later. The earlier you visit though, the better. Anyway, we take the bus to the castle and my husband went to take some more pictures of the castle. The Rhubarb and I start to head towards the castle when a couple of Japanese tourists wanted their picture taken with Rhubarb. They picked the wrong child for their pictures. We can’t even get her to take a picture with us on this trip….


We had our tour and then took a horse carriage back to the ticket center. We promised the kids ice cream for lunch. Parents of the year. However we told them we would stop at the next town we came to that had ice cream. Well, the poor kids – this took us two hours to get to the next town with ice cream on the side of the road….At one point as we are driving on the interstate the Bubba announces that he has accidentally opened his car door. Lovely. The husband managed to pull over at some point so that I could close the door tightly.963760_10200533434244868_769568807_o 225206_10200533435284894_743903227_n

We eventually make it to an island on the town of Lindau. This town borders Lake Constance. It took us a while to find parking spots. We finally found a parking spot and went to get the kids ice cream. After eating ice cream we went down to the lake. Switzerland was on the other side of the lake but we did not have time to go across. We made our way back to the car and then just our luck there was a problem with the parking gate. We finally managed to get out of there.

Next we visited two suspension bridges. After doing that we had all had enough and decided to head to my cousin’s house in Biberach A.D. which was an hour away. We made it there and the kids eventually started playing with each other. My kids are very excited to go swimming tomorrow and to have a break from the sightseeing. We are excited about doing real laundry and sleeping in tomorrow as well. I know though that the kids will probably wake up earlier than they ever had just by mentioning this.

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One thought on “Europe 2013, day six: Germany – Neuschwanstein castle and Lake Constance

  1. Gretchen

    When we took the kids to Neuschwanstien – we made them walk up the hill! It was 30 degrees with an inch of slush on the ground- which we did not bring hats out boots! Kat was in Kindergarten – I can still hear her complaining!

    Say hi to Jill and family!

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