Europe 2013, day five: Germany and Austria

In which we attempt to start the relaxing, not taxing, portion of the vacation by crossing the border from Deutschland to Österreich only to get tailed by the Austrian Polizei for several miles before they lose interest in the American tourists driving the huge boat of an E-Class Mercedes (free upgrade). Those tense moments followed by much fun at Biberwier (Austria) taking a series of two chairlifts as high as we dare go, and descending halfway via alpine slide/rollercoaster which the kids demanded we do twice. Soon followed by an afternoon of many wrong turns, accidental border crossings, and one bottoming-out of said boat of a Mercedes, while exploring the area around Mittenwald (Germany).

Well, I have decided I need to take German lessons as I need to move here. This place is absolutely stunning. It would be a fun place to live four seasons of the year.1091010_10200528955292897_746096734_o

We let the kids sleep in until around 9 AM and then we woke them for breakfast. They were excited at breakfast as they were given very small bags of gummy bears. After breakfast we walked to the grocery store and picked up some water, snacks, and a baguette.1009463_10200528956332923_1658333256_o

We then left the town we were visiting and headed for Austria, which is right across the border. I had found a ski resort that does chair lift rides and alpine slides. We made our way here – the resort was near the town of Lamoos. We took two chairlifts to the top. I think I could have spent all day here. I got my Sound of Music photo taken. Literally – when we reached the top of the mountain there were cows grazing with cow bells. We then took a chairlift down to the alpine slide and rode those down. The kids had a blast and wanted to it again. While they were doing that I had an ice cream, hoping to hide this from the kids….but I spilled ice cream on my shirt. I managed to clean my shirt pretty well as no one noticed. Anyway, we could have also hiked down the mountain or even rode a scooter down.

Once we left the ski resort (Marienburg) we had lunch in the car and headed to Mittenwald, Germany. This town was actually bigger than I expected. I got a map showing local hiking trails. The only problem was by this point the Rhubarb was tired so we decided not to risk a long hike. We saw a lake with restaurants on it and decided to go there. On our way there we took a wrong turn and ended up in Austria on a mountain road. We finally found a place to turn around and headed to the lake. We get to the lake and find there is no public parking. There were over a hundred people at this lake but they had all hiked in. So we left the lake and eventually parked the car next to an Alpine stream and let the kids wade in.



We then left Mittenwald and headed back to the hotel for about an hour. The Rhubarb had been wanting pasta since we arrived in Germany so we found an Italian restaurant. The things that were going on in my mine there…..I wanted to speak Spanish, but knew I was in Germany, but at an Italian restaurant. My brain did not know what language to spit out…

1079027_10200528971973314_425216380_oDinner was very good. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and put the kids to bed. Tomorrow we head to my cousin’s house. We are looking forward to real laundry and Internet 🙂 Saturday we have no plans either so I am calling that the day of rest. My cousin has kids roughly around the age of Jonas so hopefully the kids will have fun playing with each other and I can relax with some wine with my cousin.


So, as we leave this area tomorrow I have told my husband it is a place I would love to rent an apartment or house in when the kids are older and able to do long hikes. It looks like they have some really beautiful ones here and the scenery is gorgeous.

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