Europe 2013, day three: Germany, Berlin

Berlin Holocaust Memorial, Topography of Terror (large Berlin Wall remnants and museum at ex-Gestapo HQ), Tiergarten (to see the Löwenbrücke), Potzdammer Platz, train ride out to Potsdam, and a sleeper car to Munich…. a day that involved at least 13 subway/train legs. I lost count.

After my last post I went to bed. I was immediately awoken to a blaring alarm at 10:45 PM. Being in Berlin, my first immediate thoughts were that I was in World War II since German was blaring and it was late at night. I finally realized it was a hotel fire alarm. Luckily by the time we were about to leave the room we were told to stay in our rooms.

This morning we had breakfast and then headed to the Holocaust monument.   The monument is pretty neat.  It is a bunch of concrete rectangles all of different sizes.  They are also on sloped land so some of the blocks are very large.  There is a museum beneath the monument.  I could have spent several hours in the museum if I had been here without the kids.


1093791_10200528635004890_1572412484_o 998863_10200528644205120_1394437557_n

After that we headed to the Tower of Topography. There you could find large segments of the Berlin Wall.  There was also a nice museum here.  Once again, I could have spent all day at this museum if the kids were not with us.  I’d love to go back to Berlin at some point just on my own so I could spend as much time as I wanted in the museums here.


Next we headed to the Tiergarten park and found a suspension bridge.


We then went to Potsdam briefly.  When we were in Potsdam we visited the Glienicke  Bridge.  This bridge is also known as the “Bridge of Spies”.  It used to be where the Soviet Union and Western powers exchanged spies and prisoners.  After visiting this bridge we returned to our hotel. We are currently at the hotel and about to leave soon to head to the train station for our overnight train. Hopefully there will be no complications with that.

Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies

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2 thoughts on “Europe 2013, day three: Germany, Berlin

  1. Jennifer

    I hope that Jonas slept on the train!

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