Europe 2013, day two: Germany, Berlin

Bundestag Dome, Pergamon Museum of antiquities, Alexanderplatz Television Tower, and other sights.

This morning we woke around 7:30 and had to wake both the kids. The Bubba was hard to wake – he had some problems sleeping and was up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. Rhubarb and I slept through the night.

Breakfast was very nice. It was full of croissants, breads, meats, eggs, etc. We did not have time to fully enjoy it as we needed to get to a tour at 9:30. Tomorrow we have no tours so we should be able to enjoy breakfast more.

We headed out and our first observation of the morning was that there were tons more people out and about since it is a workday. There were lots of bike riders and people zooming in their cars all over the place. The day before the area our hotel is in seemed deserted. That was not the case this morning.

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We made it to our tour of the Reichstag dome. It was pretty neat inside and there were views of the whole city there. After that we decided to head to the Pergamon museum. We decided to walk….the walk was longer than expected and I had to carry the Rhubarb 66% of the walk. Once we got to the museum there was a HUGE line to get tickets. I am very thankful I bought the Berlin welcome card. I originally did not plan on buying the Museum pass in Paris but after seeing the line people without passes were in I think the pass might be worth it. I have no desire to wait in a two hour line for tickets to a museum.


We went into the museum and saw some pretty impressive things such as Roman altars and the Gate of Babylon. They give you a headset so you can listen to each object as you get to it. We probably could have spent all day there if we wanted to – but we did a very quick tour. By this time everyone was hungry and thirsty and tired from our walk. So we saw the highlights and then left to find lunch.



We ate outside at a restaurant along the Spree river. As we were eating it started to pour but we all kept dry under a large umbrella. We ordered apple juice for the kids, a water for myself, and a beer for the husband. I would have ordered wine but I was so thirsty I needed water. Anyways we decided to split a hamburger and french fries and a chicken Cesar salad. When the hamburger came out we have what we now refer to as the “Terror of condiments”. There was a strange sauce on the burger and bun. And they forgot to bring out the ketchup. Anyone who knows me knows I am a super picky eater and to see something unexpected and unasked for puts me in a big panic. Ketchup is also one of the staples in my diet. I eventually got some ketchup and did my best to scrape the mystery sauce off my lunch, much to the embarrassment of my husband. In fact the whole incident may inspire him to create his own blog….

So we finished lunch and then decided to head to the television tower to go to the top. The Bubba had been wanted to ride a tram we kept seeing so he finally got to do that to Alexander Platz where the television tower is. We had to wait an hour to go up. The husband and the kids went up while I chose to sit this one out due to my fear of heights.


After the husband and kids went up the television tower we got some ice cream. We got three single scoop cones – it only cost 3€. I was impressed – we must have found a non touristy ice cream place. We then boarded a bus for a two hour tour around Berlin. It was pretty good timing as Rachel ended up napping for half the tour. The weather had cleared up and we sat on the top deck of the bus. Conditions felt perfect.

View of Berlin.

View of Berlin

We got back to our room around 6:30 and then decided we were too tired for dinner so I headed to the German grocery store so we could eat dinner in the room. That was a different experience. In the states there are so many checkout lines and cashiers. This one only had two. Also choices were so much more limited than they are in the US. I noticed the candy prices for Haribo were significantly cheaper than what we pay in the US.

Finally, one other observation I have had today – there do not seem to be a lot of Americans here. I wonder if that will change as we get to cities like Munich, Amsterdam, and Paris. Rhubarb has asked me if we can move to Europe which I have already agreed to. Of course I don’t take her too seriously as immediately after asking that she asks if we can go back to the hotel room.

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