Cell phone and wi-fi information

Another item I have spent time researching is cell phone and wi fi coverage. I have read horror stories about cell phone bills when people return from abroad. I am going to do my best to only post and check email while connected to wi-fi but I still want to make sure I have a backup plan in place. My cell phone provider is with Verizon. For $25 a month Verizon offers a global data plan. This plan only includes 100 mb of data….I am used to 2 gb of data a month so this is a pretty big change for me. Regardless, I think this data plan will at least help me out when I have no wi-fi connection. The representative also told me to power down my phone and power it back up shortly before I leave so that my phone picks up the latest cell phone towers (or something like that). I am also planning on resetting my data usage on my phone so that I can see how much I have used.

I also started exploring wi-fi providers. I have used Boingo in the past in airports and I decided to look into them some more. I learned that for a fee of $7.95 a month I can get wi-fi coverage on up to two mobile devices. I think this is a pretty good deal. The Newark airport uses Boingo as a wireless provider. We will be there for three hours before our flight. I know I will want to go online there. There are some disadvantages though to Boingo. I know they have access points in Europe but I really need to be connected wirelessly to find an access point. Plus the access points might not be too convenient. Still, $7.95 a month for two devices is a price I am willing to pay. I was not willing to pay the $35 a month Europe price which covered computers as well. I think chances are I will use Boingo in Newark and maybe only once or twice in Europe.

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