Go Orange – plans for the Netherlands

We have two full days to explore the Netherlands. The one thing I knew I really wanted to do there was the Anne Frank house. I pretty much was leaving all other plans up to my Dutch friend Angie. This past weekend she sent me the proposed itinerary and it looks awesome. This is what she has proposed:

“Morning/ afternoon

Boat trip from Rotterdam, Erasmusbridge to Kinderdijk (www.kinderdijk.nl), 30 min, world heritage site with lots of mills, we can rent bikes there (children’s bikes, seats and helmets are available) and bike to the mills and visit a mill. I’ll reserve the bikes in advance a week before, depending on the weather.

If the weather is very bad, we’ll do more indoor stuff in Rotterdam or Schiedam (mills, and small city like Leiden)

In the late afternoon, depending on the weather, we can go to Madurodam (miniature Netherlands) in The Hague (30min car ride) and have dinner there on the beach or in Rotterdam, at my house or my sister’s house.

Next day Amsterdam / Volendam

Morning/ early afternoon
Day on a Canal boat hop on hop off, first stop Anne Frank House (tickets for 10.40), then back on the boat and see where we want to get off, the boat stops in several places, but it takes the same routes that the canal tour beats do and they give information on what you see. That way we don’t have to walk a lot with the kids and still see a lot of stuff.

(Confidential activity)

Back to Rotterdam, dinner on the way back at Mcdonalds? Or in Rotterdam or at my house. “
(Side note – Angie came on our trip out West last year and since then the kids have been fascinated with how the Dutch pronounce McDonald’s….Angie promised them they could visit one in the Netherlands if we ever visited her there).

I think her ideas are pretty great. I am really excited about Kinderdijk as I think the kids will learn a lot about how the mills work and how the Netherlands handles water.

The only thing I need to squeeze into her itinerary is a stop at the porcelain factory in Delft for me to pick up a souvenir to add to my collection 🙂

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