Laundry and packing

I have mentioned a couple of times that we are planning on packing light. For a family of four we are only planning on bringing two suitcases for a two week trip. I tell this to people and I can see the look of disbelief in their face.

In order to pack light we are bringing a limited number of clothing. My apologies in advance as you will see me in the same clothes many times…anyways here are some examples of some of the clothes we are packing: Two pairs of convertible pants for the kids – the legs zip off and they become shorts. They serve two purposes with one clothing item (shorts and pants). I have recently started wearing Icebreaker t-shirts. They are actually made of wool but what I have learned is they breathe really well and they don’t stink when I get all sweaty in them. They are also quick drying. Basically they can be worn a few times without a need for a wash. Two pairs of shoes per person, maximum. One pair of jeans per person, maximum. One light weight rain coat per person – this can be used with rain or on cooler days.

Other ways to cut down on items – coordination in regards to what we need to bring with us to charge things. Everyone using the same shampoo. Sharing toiletry bags. Bringing travel size items of toiletries to start with – we can always buy more once we arrive.

So my initial plan was that we could hand wash some clothing if necessary. Our biggest challenge was that we would not have easy access to a washing machine until we had been in Europe for six days. I am not trying to pack six days of clothing for each person. So I figured we would need to do a load of wash somewhere around Tuesday. I figured we would find a laundromat in Berlin somewhere or we could do wash by hand in our hotel. I got lucky though – there was a slight mix up with our Berlin rental and the guy has us set up with another rental that now includes a washer and dryer in it. So that solves the laundry problem – we will do laundry Monday night and then possibly a load by hand Wednesday night, at least for the kids as you never know when some sort of clothing emergency will happen with them….

Towards the end of our trip we also won’t have easy access to a machine for four days. I think we will just have four days to get through before we get home so again, I will do a load by hand at the hotel Thursday night. That should get us through the duration of our trip.

In conclusion, I am hoping to only pack four outfits per person. So we will all be wearing outfit one over there and only need to pack three outfits in our bags.

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