Five weeks to go

Our trip begins in roughly five weeks. I cannot wait. In the next few weeks I need to figure out our cell phone usage. I don’t want to get dinged with high day charges unexpectedly. I started reading a little online about useage and how much it costs…basically I am only planning to use my phone if I am connected to wifi. One thing I am considering is buying a one month membership to Boingo wifi. But I need to evaluate their connection locations and see if they make sense.

Another thing I need to do is make sure I am registered for free wifi on Thalys. I think I read on their website that the wifi is free but you need to register first.

I also need to figure out how we will charge the Nintendo Ds. It is not as simple as using a converter – you need a special one that converts the AMPs. It might just be easiest to buy a charger for it in Germany. It also depends on if my husband brings his laptop or leaves it at home. If he brings the laptop then I can use that to charge the DS.

I need to look into bank fees with our current bank and determine if they charge foreign transaction fees. I also need to see if they are affiliated with any European banks so we don’t have to pay ATM fees.

These are just the things I am thinking of right now…but I am sure there are many more things I need to do.

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